Project management with quality focus made easy

All project management is about time, resources and quality

Time and resources is tracked by every project management tool on the market - including this. makes a difference by also giving control over
  • Scope
  • Risks
  • Requirements
    • measurable, so it is agreed from the start when each requirement is fulfilled
  • success criteria by defining
    • How requirements are measured
    • Who is trusted to approve the result
  • Test- and fallback plans
It also provides
  • full traceability of all changes in project plan through a simple, but effective sign-off process
  • Explicit acceptance of responsibilities from both contributors and approvers
Read more about the many features in the next section.


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Special features
  • Automisation of many of the administrative tasks, leaving more time for actual project management..
  • Better statement of work (SOW). The extensive use of templates, work packages and standard products will ensure that all details have been taken care of when making the initial SOW.
  • Formal sign-off process of all changes - incl scope changes - there will be full traceability and full control in the whole life cycle
  • Prevention of scope creep through transparent communication and signoff trough templates. Everybody can see what has been agreed
  • When a task is changed from "draft" to "ready", the assigned ressource is automatically asked to sign off on scope, time, workload, economy.
  • Knowledge management and knowledge reuse in a project management system. Take any work-package, task or project and make into a template for later reuse. The template can include risk, assupmtions, sub tasks etc.
  • Supports the traceability outlined in ISO9001, ISO13485 / GAMP5 and PRINCE2, but is not yet officially verified against any of them.
  • Designed for tablets
See a more detailled list of features in the functionality page or watch one of the quickguides below

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Language support is multi-language by design.

Everything within the system is currently available in English and Danish, with Swedish, Norwegian, German and French on the way.

Other languages can be added on request.

System language is selected per user

This page, functionality overview, conditions and the pricing information will only appear in English!

System Status
Normal operations.

Development Status
  • Working prototype
  • Tested with IE, Safari and firefox on pc, Mac and iPad
  • Not tested on Android and Windows tablets.
  • Not all functionally fully implemented yet.
  • Automatic payment is not possible yet. PayPal and credit card payments is on the way.